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About Us

Suzi Teitelman WSI

I have been teaching swim lessons since I was 16 years old.  I am 46 now.  I grew up in Jacksonville, FL and taught lessons at numerous clubs, including, The JCA on the first team of lifeguards and teachers in 1987. I always dreamed of having a pool in my backyard and teaching full time.  I have been living my dream since 2011, after having lived in NYC for 15 years and around the world. I am now home to teach you and yours to swim. 

Adults to babies

I am a Red Cross Water Safety that can teach anyone to swim and love water!  I have found over the years, the perfect techniques to teach anyone to swim in only days.  There isn't anyone I can't teach to swim, and I love a challenge!  I work with those with special needs, older clients, and the very young.  You could call me the "Swim Whisperer."  So many of my clients have spent months, even years, in group lessons with no success.  With me, you learn in days.  

Private & Group Lessons

All lessons are private one on one with Suzi. All groups are formed with family members or a group you come with.   Once you purchase your swim package online, you then contact Suzi by text 904-476-2235, to get onto to the calender. 

Specializing in Adult lessons

Swim no matter what your age

More than half of Suzi's swim students are adults.  Many adults just never had the opportunity to learn to swim, or they had a traumatic event happen as a child that has prevented them from moving forward with loving swimming. Swimming Lessons in Jacksonville Beach with Suzi can help you either way.  Whether you are an adult you loves the water, but just doesn't know technique and strokes, you will learn here. If you are just looking to get over your fear.  Suzi can help lovingly too.  If you are going out for a military position that needs specific strokes, Suzi is your coach. Learn to swim in Jacksonville!

Infants to 3 years

Babies can learn to swim

Yes, your baby can learn to swim.  The Red Cross way, is to start a child at 6 month with the special techniques that I have honed over and over, that I know work.  It is the time for the parent to learn as well as the child.  The parent needs to know what to do with their baby.  And it is better to start the right way at 6 months, then to wait until they have fears and they are older....

It is so important to start your child as soon as you can in swimming.  If you as the parent, don't know the way to hold and move your child in the pool, you will, after working with me. 

Group lesson-ISR-or Private

Should I do Swim Safari or privates with Suzi?

Unfortunately, many of Suzi's success stories are those who spent years and tons of money at Swim Safari or the local group lesson.  Those just don't work for a lot of kids.  They need the one on one.  Kids who go to Suzi learn in  8 to 16 lesson.  Many kids come back for a few summers to keep progressing in their stroke work and confidence.  Don't waste your time with group lessons.  

ISR on the other hand is worthwhile.  I am all about mixing the Red Cross techniques with an ISR trained child.  I believe in both ISR and Red Cross.  I really think you should do both. Call  me to discuss more. 


Andrew Kenny

Thank you Suzi! After  my first 3 lessons I'm swimming. Not Michael Phelps yet, but from an adult who nervously watched his kids from the shallow ene of the pool and 2 weeks later been able to swim and breathe, with growing confidence in the deep end, it's been amazing.  Thanks to your patience, direction and guidance  I have made more progress than I ever thought possible. I would highly recommend Suzi to any adult, who like me, might be a bit past the Olympic swim team, but who wants to get the health and family benefits out of swimming with your kids. 

Meghan Stars

I can't believe my child is swimming in only a lesson!  I have had her in group lessons for years, and Suzi has worked miracles! 

Gabriela Bocanate

 " I am almost swimming like a fish.... or should I say mermaid?  Thank You Suzi Teitelman!  Michael Letchford, soon you'll have a swimming wifey! 


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